Anything but Little

A Review of Hanya Yanagihara’s ‘A Little Life’ One thing’s for sure, nothing here is little. To the contrary, this 800-plus-page novel is about excess. Much of this excess, by which I mean the irredeemable melancholia and violence it presents, comes from its extreme depictions of trauma that seem to justify all trigger warnings thatContinue reading “Anything but Little”

A Little Life: [1] Lispenard Street

So thrilled to meet our readers, Chris, Christine, & Misty, in our first online session today. This is a big feat for us, not just because we know everyone is busy, but also all of us live in different time zones—Dumaguete, Madrid & Vancouver. But for the love of literature, we’re proud to say, we alwaysContinue reading “A Little Life: [1] Lispenard Street”

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