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A Little Life: [1] Lispenard Street

So thrilled to meet our readers, Chris, Christine, & Misty, in our first online session today. This is a big feat for us, not just because we know everyone is busy, but also all of us live in different time zones—Dumaguete, Madrid & Vancouver.

But for the love of literature, we’re proud to say, we always make time.

Today, we talk about Lispenard Street, the first part of Hanya Yanagihara’s “A Little Life.” We follow the story of four friends—JB, Willem, Malcolm, and Jude—as they navigate various spaces in New York City, from an old rickety house, to a staircase with a splintery banister, a serious art studio, & a cold apartment rooftop.

Space, whether physical, social, political, or creative, becomes a curious point of discussion as we think about the significance of Lispenard itself, an actual street in lower Manhattan, as the title of the first part of the novel.

And we too, as readers, couldn’t help but think about the spaces around us & how we occupy them.

In these increasingly isolating times, when the coronavirus pandemic requires us to stay no less than six feet apart we think it is definitely important to reimagine how we create & make use of the many spaces around us.

As #AReadersNiche celebrates our first online sesh we couldn’t emphasize more the importance of connecting with people. And what is more meaningful a connection with old & new friends, all across the globe, than sharing a safe & welcoming space, physical or virtual, over something we all love.

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